One House One Year - The Open Source House

                                        Building a sustainable house - and sharing it

The Open Source House Project started as a simple house design.   

My wife and I had built our own home about 25 years ago and we wanted to do it again. 

In the intervening years I had become involved in a series of internet projects that relied heavily on open source programs, which were computing services that had been built by groups of people and offered for free to the world at large.  In fact, the whole idea of freely shared programs and community involvement, or 'crowd sourcing' has quickly expanded way beyond computer programs, and is now prevalent in everything from community funding, to internet research, to car design.  It occurred to me that the same should be true of house designs.  

So, I give you 'One House'.  All the plans, research, design methods and everything else is free to use, reuse or modify.  Please comment, modify and in general help out.

The Challenge: Design and Build a house that has as little impact on the site, energy use and our wallets as possible.

Reducing your carbon footprint is important, but building shelter and reducing the net operating cost of the house also right up there, I'm just hoping that they all coincide -we'll find out.